from just before we left. after a lunch at the bfi in april to say goodbye to friends. sorting through my clips, i see it was the last day before my old n93 died. perhaps i dropped it, or perhaps it was the rain. if so, maybe it was worth it for this moment.
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Epic Fu T Shirt Screencast

Best played in Full Screen – click the TV icon on the player.

Epic Fu are running a mashup contest to win a T Shirt.

"Your mission is to mashup the clips and create a unique t-shirt promo no longer than 15 seconds. Use the video editor of your choice (make sure it supports layers!). The backgrounds have already been cut out for you – you can drop in new backgrounds, layers, videos, etc. Have fun with it!"

15 seconds?? Brevity takes time, baby. And I only had a few minutes before bed.

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Embed Code Generator No Longer Works

Sorry, but YouTube have now changed their system, so this hack no longer works.

Embedded YouTube videos sometimes show an HQ button that you can manually turn on, but as far as I know, there’s no way of making an embedded video auto play HQ by default.

If you come across a solution, please let me know at rupert at twittervlog dot tv

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